Low-cost Email Server Hosting; Outlook Email & Address Book Backup Service
Group Email Accounts. Backup Emails & Contacts. Outlook Access. Private Email Domains

Get your own (domain) email server instantly! Incl. Server Software, Hardware and Hosting. It is much more powerful than Gmail/Hotmail and much cheaper than MS Exchange!

  • Create/manage multiple email accounts through the web interface;
  • Unlimited mailbox size using Outlook;
  • Support large attachments; can share very large files using template3 File Explorer or FTP;
  • Access POP3 emails with Outlook/OE/Windows Mail/Smart Phones;
  • Read emails offline with Outlook or online with webmail;
  • Enterprise features incl: email alias, auto reply, auto forward, mailing list, online address book, customized webmail logo (view sample), super powerful spam filter, etc.
  • The most efficient Email Backup service with template3 Email Backup client software.
    - Drag-&-drop or automatically backup your Outlook/Outlook Express/Windows Mail emails & address book in real-time or scheduled times.
    - Can backup and restore your emails / contacts one by one; emails and contacts are made available online!
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Feature / price comparison of template3 Remote Email Server vs. in-house Email Server / Exchange Server.
Features & Cost template3 Email Server In-house / Self-hosted Email Server Solution (e.g. MS Exchange Server)
Starting Cost $0-29.9/month, $299/year for VOSI-5 plan, which includes far more features than just an Email Server $1500-5000 or more: Must buy Email server machine & Email server software. In the case of MS Exchange Server, it is expensive and requires an expert to setup / configure / manage the email server
Email Server Management and Maintenance Cost Low: easy web-based administrative tool, little IT background required. (might require to configure DNS) High: Requires a system administrator with IT background, in particular, understands the Email protocol, DNS and firewall security configurations
Estimated Setup Time In just a few minutes to 24 hours (mainly waiting for DNS to update) At least a few days (Order a server; setup server, install Email Server, configure email server, setup DNS / hosting, etc.)
Email Server Backup Cost Low: template3 Email Server has multiple levels of redundancies. Any single storage / server crash will not cause system downtime or data loss. High: Email Server must be backed up manually, which will add additional cost. Server crash could cause service down-time or data loss.
Web Mail and Web-based Address Book Yes: Already included and no additional setup is required Yes (Requires additional webmail setup)
Automatic Email / Address Book Backup and Migration software Yes: template3 Email Backup client software No
Private domain emails and advanced features Yes Yes
Hardware, Software and Hosting Already included! Need to order hardware, software and hosting.

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